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Dental Implant Materials
Dentist Woodland, CA

Image of dental implant materials. Whether a tooth was knocked out in an accident or surgically removed, finding a solution to the problem is essential. Bone loss, shifting teeth, and inflamed gums are all possible outcomes of a missing tooth. Our team at has expert dentists ready to help you with any oral health care you may need. One of the most common ways to replace missing teeth is with dental implants.

Dental Implants FAQ

Why is Titanium Used in Dental Implants?

Titanium alloy is frequently used for the posts that are surgically placed into the jaw. Initially, implants were constructed of pure titanium; however, this material was too flexible. Titanium alloys have incredible strength.


The jaw tolerates the titanium used in dental implants since it is biocompatible. Its success rate is as high as 98%. Healing involves the jawbone fusing to the titanium posts and helping to transform them into solid roots.


The metal is similarly adaptable. Both two-piece and one-piece posts are possible. The replacement teeth and posts are two independent parts so that the posts can be placed at an angle, and the teeth will still be straight. This is particularly useful when implementing treatment plans like the All-on-4® Treatment Concept.

When is Zirconia Used?

Even though titanium is a potent substance, scientists investigated other non-metallic possibilities. Zirconia, a ceramic implant with small amounts of metal for strength, is one of the most promising materials they have found.


Those who suffer from metal allergies will find this zirconia to be suitable. Zirconia, like titanium, can promote bone fusion while the patient heals.


White in appearance, it can help thin gum tissue or recession look more natural than titanium. Zirconia is only sold in solo pieces, so you must set it with extreme precision for that nice white smile.

Dental Implant Procedure

Getting Ready

Dental implant placement is a simple procedure; however, your bone density will be a crucial consideration before any surgery. Dental implants may not fuse successfully with jawbone if the jaw is too thin. Too little bone mass means your teeth will not have the support of dental implants. Due to this, the implants may become dislodged or not integrate well, increasing the risk of implant failure.

If you have been missing a tooth for a long time, you may have experienced severe bone loss. Due to this, your jaw might not be sturdy enough to hold an implant. Hopefully, this is not the case, but you need not worry if it is. One solution is to get a bone graft, but be aware that this can lengthen the time it takes to complete your surgery.

Surgical Procedures

To place your implant, we will first numb the area, then cut into your gums. That way, we can get to the bone quickly. The titanium implant post will be placed and secured, allowing the wound to heal. When the implant post has bonded with the bone, a crown, bridge, or denture will be permanently placed.


Healing from dental implant surgery includes a natural process called osseointegration. When this happens, your jawbone will grow around the titanium posts as if they were always there. Dental implants and osseointegration can be simplified and enhanced thanks to ongoing research and development.

If you need assistance Beautiful Smiles is here to help you. Feel free to contact us at (530) 206-9211 if you have any concerns about an upcoming treatment or want to discuss the possibility of dental implants.

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Dental Implant Materials • Dentist Woodland, CA
Our team at has expert dentists ready to help you with any oral health care you may need. One of the most common ways to replace missing teeth is with dental implants.
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