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Single Tooth Implant
Dental implants are a permanent life-transforming teeth replacement solution. With the advances made in implant dentistry, single-tooth implant procedures can be accomplished without damage to nearby or adjacent natural teeth. A customized impression is first conducted to help in crafting the crown that looks, functions, and feels like a real tooth.

Getting a tooth implant should not scare you since sedation dentistry and anesthesia are administered to counter anxiety and fear as well as prevent pain. A visit to Beautiful Smiles for a single tooth implant will help rebuild your oral health, smile appearance, and bite function.

How It Works

Our dentist will first take you through a consultation session to better understand your goals and dental care needs. Here, we will check the mouth, performing x-rays for a thorough review of your mouth structure. Your candidacy for tooth implants is determined here. If any extractions are required, the dentist will inform you at this point. You will receive pre-operative instructions during the consultation in addition to the sedation options you can receive.

After discussing the options available for you, the amount of time required depending on the number of teeth to be implanted, and your overall dental health, you will have a date set for the commencement of the procedure. On the day of the surgery, you will be numbed, and a cut made in the gums to expose the underlying bone or socket where the implant will be rooted.

A special drill creates the space where the implant screw will be affixed. The implant is then inserted into the space, and the dentist will add a piece to the top as a protective barrier or cover. After that, the gums are stitched back and the implant is left to attach to the bone. It will require you to go through a healing period of four to six months.

Thereafter, you will come back in for the mounting of the crown. The dentist will get mouth models that will aid with the crown fabrication. You will, however, get a provisional tooth replacement done to help with chewing as the final restoration gets ready for mounting.

On the last visit, you have the temporary tooth replacement restoration removed and the final crown fixed. Now, you have a bite that feels natural and is aesthetically pleasing. Your new teeth work just like your real teeth and last a lifetime.

Single-tooth dental implants are usually carried out in phases that last between four to nine months. The process can last up to 12 months if bone grafting is needed.

How Long Does it Take to Heal?

It takes a shorter time between a surgical implant and final crown placement on the lower jaw than the upper jaw. The reason is that the denser bone in the lower jaw allows faster fusing of the bone with the implant screw. Implants on the lower jaw will be completed in less than 10 weeks, while the upper back teeth will take at least 16 weeks.

Aftercare Instructions

Immediately after the surgery, you should avoid spitting. Try to use tissue for wiping your mouth or just swallow your saliva. Further, do not drink with a straw, just straight from a cup. Avoid smoking because it can delay the healing time and risk infection. Moreover, avoid touching your fingers and tongue to the surgical area.

Clean your mouth properly for enhanced oral health. You will also have to visit us regularly so that we can inspect your implants and see if they are working as they should or if there might be issues developing that would need intervention.

How Much Does a Single Tooth Implant Cost?

A single-tooth implant will cost you an average of between $3,000 to $4,500, depending on your dental needs and the technique employed to place the implants. The cost is worth it for most people since it creates a permanent and customized solution for their missing teeth. Where preliminary procedures like extractions and bone grafts are required, then additional cost is involved.

Benefits of a Single Tooth Implant

If you are considering getting a single-tooth implant for your missing tooth, you are making the right decision. The procedure has an array of benefits for your dental health.


You can replace missing or damaged teeth with an artificial crown that functions like natural teeth with a single implant procedure. This involves replacing either a single tooth or many teeth. The material used in replacing the tooth ensures the implant does not slip or decay over time.

Improves Dental Health

The implants also improve your current and future dental health since they fill the gaps. These gaps can cause misalignment when the remaining teeth shift to fill the areas. Again, having the implants placed means no spaces where biofilm, debris, food, and bacteria can lodge.

The procedure also helps prevent the bone loss that might occur when you lose a tooth. As the jawbone deteriorates because of the delay in replacing the missing teeth, it could cause your cheeks to cave in over time. Dental implants provide the stimulation the jaw needs to avert the loss of bone.

Comfort and Convenience

During the healing process, the jawbone grows around the titanium, locking it and providing stability. This way, the implant feels as comfortable as your natural teeth. Also, implants are very easy to maintain since they require low maintenance. You will only be required to floss and brush your teeth daily as you always do.

You will be able to easily eat and speak since a single-tooth implant has no issues with slipping. Moreover, there are no restrictions on chewing certain foods because dental implants provide a strong stability.

Does the Procedure for Single Tooth Implants Hurt?

Since you are under anesthesia and sedation, you will not encounter pain. Nonetheless, after the surgery, there may be discomfort as the healing happens. It is nothing to worry about, though, unless there is continual pain lasting more than five days. Just use over-the-counter pain relievers.

To be evaluated for a single tooth implant procedure, set up an appointment with our dental specialists at Beautiful Smiles. Call us at for more information.

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